Additional notes to rates

  1. In calculation of the project volume we apply standard methodology with common units that comprise standard page (SP), word count of source document and physical page.
  2. Standard page (SP) is defined as 1800 characters of source text including spaces. Number of standard pages to be translated is crucial for the calculation of project volume, at which so-called CAT software is not used (i.e. Trados...)
  3. If CAT software is employed, word count of a source document is used instead. Thanks to the fact that we stem from the source text at quotations, we are able to specify the price to the customer as early as at assignment of a firm order.
  4. Should a customer provide a document to be translated in a non-text editable format (pdf, jpg, scanned images), price will be calculated based on final number of standard pages of the translation.
  5. In case you intend to use the text to be translated for a presentation, publishing or print, we strongly recommend you to order a proofreading that will fine-tune the translation and eliminate possible minor bugs, typos, or reach a stylistic improvement of the translation. It is not essential to order proofreading of a translation, if the translation shall serve only as a reference or internal use, however, we recommend you to order it along with the translation as a package for affordable prices. Customers that ordered translation along with proofreading will be granted with a discount.
  6. At settlement of invoices via a cross-border direct debit, the ordering party shall pay any and all costs of its bank linked to specially regulated cross-border direct debit (in terms of Regulation 2560/2001 of the European parliament and Council).
  7. Minimum invoicing unit for translation is 1 SP, whereas for proofreading and editing such minimum volume are 3 SPs.
  8. No other hidden fees are charged. We always issue a binding quotation to the customer, thanks to which, we can guarantee that the price of the translation or other services will not increase until delivery.
  9. Attractive discounts are provided to regular customers.