CAT software

CAT (Computer Aided Translation) is translation supported by computer technology. It comprises use of specialized software (TRADOS, Transit, Wordfast...) that is designed exactly for translation or localization of various documents. The use of such software is favourable in case of large-volume projects (translation of user guides, documentation etc.), where repetition of used terminology, terms, phrases or even whole sentences occurs, which are identified by the software engine and a translation suggestion from the data base - so-called "translation memory" is offered.

These technologies are a contribution also in case of complicated translations (software, web pages), when the software allows a user to work with data in source text and insert them to the target document, as well as in projects, for which a specific term base for reference use in future in other like projects in given field has been created.

However, delivery of source documents in electronic format is a precondition of the use of these applications. Unfortunately, it is not possible to translate printed documents that way currently, unless they are previously converted to electronic format.

In most cases, we use the following software bundles in projects performed via CAT software: TRADOS, Transit, Wordfast, SDLX, Dèja Vu, Passolo, Multilizer, Alchemy Catalyst. However, if our customer requires use of other software, we are able to provide for translation/localization of the files using other CAT tools, as well.