Proofreading, editing & DTP


Linguistic proofreading - aims to check spelling, grammar, typos, punctuation, different constructions, forms and grammar cases according to applicable standards.

Stylistic proofreading - is focused on check of correctness of used terminology, comprehensibility, content matching and stylistic purity of the document. Additionally, it examines content correctness of the translation.

Pre-print proofreading - is recommended at translation of documents that might be published in future. Its role is to check text alignment, font types, encoding, hyphenation, text layout, elimination of related errors and final preparation of the text for publication.


At editing, one stems from documents that have been previously translated. The aim of editing is to adapt translated document acccording to a new document and to implement changes. Original translation as well as the new document containing changes to be transferred to the translation are used as basis. Sufficient quality level of the underlying translation is a precondition of a successful editing of a translation.

Desktop publishing (DTP)

Currently, it is essential to deal with various document formats and ensure consistency of graphical layout and design of translated or localized documentation with original source document. Our language centre offers you a full package of DTP services - our goal is to provide you with a document that will be identical with the original one from graphical view.